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: Riverboat
Artist: Debashish Bhattacharya
Release Date: 26 April, 2005
Media: Audio CD

Track Listings
Aanandam (Joy)
Prema Chakor (Lover's Eyes)
Nata Raaj (Dance of Shiva)
Usha (First Rays)
Prabha (Early Bright)
Maha Shakti (Beyond theSun)

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Customer Reviews:
Transcendent and life-changing


That editorial review is, for a change, right on the money. For those already familiar with Indian classical music, this CD needs no explanation: Debashish is one of the finest servants of the raga breathing today, and hearing him explore these pieces with his brother Subhashis on tabla is an experience not to be missed. "Telepathic" is not too strong of a word to describe their interplay. The pieces chosen here mesh equally well together, from the light joyfulness of Aanandam (played on the anandi), building in primal intensity through the night time gandharvi pieces of Prema Chakor and Nata Raaj, and, bursting into brilliant morning sunshine with the chaturangui pieces, Usha, Prabha, and Maha Shakti. To listen closely to these pieces in order is a transcendent experience resulting in a higher state of consciousness which persists long after the notes have died away.

For those who have not heard Debashish before, you are missing out. He is quite possibly the finest guitarist breathing today. For those steeped in western guitar, imagine a player with the speed and precision to make any speed-metal virtuoso hang his head in shame, while packing so much soul and emotion into each and every note that B.B. King would burst out in tears on hearing it. Don't be intimidated by "Indian classical music". This music is alive and sensual, and you don't need a degree in music theory to "get it". Just put it on, feel the groove, and be carried away. This CD will change the way you listen to music forever.

amazon.com - Clacutta Slide Guitar 3